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Established in 2018, Launch is run in partnership with Lafayette International Community High School (LICHS), which serves students who have been in the US for four years or less. The program is designed to not only improve high schoolers' academic standing, but also their perspective on their post-high school future and ultimately, their life. Launch has a three-part focus: high school success, financial empowerment, and workforce development. The financial readiness portion utilizes the Junior Achievement Economics for Success curriculum and materials provided by Good Neighbors FCU. In the workforce development portion, students explore different career options through hands-on activities, field trips, college visits, and engagement with community members. Female Launch students can participate in Girls Clubs (a “safe space” for discussing the physical and emotional changes they are experiencing).

Join Us

Days: Monday-Thursday
Times: 3:30 - 5:30 pm
Location: Lafayette International Community High School
Schedule: When school is in session (we follow the Buffalo Public Schools calendar)


To enroll your child in Launch, please contact Mathilda Cullen at


To volunteer with Launch, please contact WEDI at
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